Mitral Valve Repair & Replacement

What is the Mitral Valve?

Mitral valve repair is a highly sensitive operation. The mitral valve is a small valve or flap in the heart that can be found between the left atrium and left ventricle. Also known as the bicuspid valve, the mitral valve is made up of papillary muscles, the anterior and posterior leaflet, chordae tendinae and the mitral annulus. A medical expert at our cardiology clinic in Dubai is the best placed expert to advise on these issues.

When the heart is beating normally, the mitral valve is opened and closed with the changes in the pressure caused by the contractions of the heart, the mitral valve will open when the pressure in the left atrium is higher than the pressure in the left ventricle and closes when the vice versa occurs.

Various in-depth scientific studies have been carried out on the Mitral Valve, including in the presence of irregularities that can lead to impaired functionality. One such study of the Mitral Valve in human cadaveric hearts found that the valve is not necessarily bicuspid in all people.

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How Serious are issues with mitral valve?

The mitral valve is one of four critical valves in the heart, these valves are primarily responsible for controlling the way blood is pumped through the heart.

At our cardiology clinic in Dubai, we often diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from issues with the mitral valve, which can be caused by disease or degeneration over time.

The good news is that issues with the mitral valve can often be repaired with surgical intervention, this can either repair or replace the mitral valve and is a much better option than leaving the mitral valve untreated, which can result in abnormal heart rhythm issues such as fibrillation.


  • Mitral Valve Prolapse (Floppy Valve)

    Sometimes known as a floppy valve, mitral valve prolapse is one of the most common conditions that can occur with the mitral valve in the human heart.

    When this happens, the valve does not open or close fully, thus no seal is created, if this condition becomes serious it can cause something called mitral valve regurgitation, which is a condition where blood flows back and into the longs causing issues that can include heart dilation, weakening of the heart walls and heart rhythm issues.

    The good news is that in the majority of cases related to leaking valves due to degeneration, surgical intervention can successfully resolve the issue.

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  • Mitral Valve Stenosis

    Stenosis is a term that is used to refer to the narrowing that occurs in arteries and veins, mitral valve stenosis is exactly as bad as it sounds, the narrowing of the opening of the mitral valve that is one of the four main valves responsible for blood flow in the human heart.

    Stenosis in the mitral valve can lead to increased blood pressure and breathing difficulties which is why it should be addressed particularly in older patients in order to avoid complications with other conditions.

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Surgical intervention with mitral valve disease and conditions is recommended if it is causing discomfort or the person is exhibiting symptoms such as high blood pressure, swelling in the legs and and feet, irregular heart rhythm, chest pain and dizziness.

Booking a consultation with one of our expert team of cardiologists is the best option, we have invested significantly in providing our cardiology team with the most advanced medical imaging and 3d scanning technology available anywhere in the world.

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