A state of the art skin care and dermatology clinic in Dubai staffed by a handpicked experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide variety of skin disorders and conditions.

Dermatology Clinic in Dubai

Valiant Clinic & Hospital's Dermatology clinic is a highly sought after centre of excellence for the diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide range of dermatological conditions & diseases.

From wrinkles, aesthetic issues like pigmentation to conditions that affect the hair to skin cancer and everything in between, we offer the best dermatology services you can find in any hospital in Dubai.

If you are worried about any skin or hair related condition or other issues such as acne, acne scars, eczema and psoriasis, same-day surgical procedures including mole removal, skin tag removal, wart removal, cyst removal (including sebaceous cyst removal) and varicose vein removal, get in touch with us to book yourself into a consultation with a dermatology expert.

Our dermatologists provide many distinct and different skin diseases treatment services for treating all chronic and acute skin diseases, in addition to cosmetic and regenerative procedures to improve and restore the beautiful appearance and continue to enhance the physical and psychological health of the patient.

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Conditions Treated by Our Dermatologists in Dubai

At Valiant Clinic & Hospital, we provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical treatments, clinical care services and therapies to cater to all your dermatological and cosmetic concerns under a single roof.

Treating a wide range of skin conditions and skin disorders that range from skin cancer to acne scars, the best way to learn more about the dermatology treatments available at our clinic is to get in touch with us today and let a member of our dermatology clinic assist you.


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Benefit from the Expertise of Our Top Dermatologists in Dubai

Our team of dermatologists possesses the qualification, expertise, and experience required to treat the most challenging dermatological conditions with precision.

Acquire timely, prompt, and effective medical and surgical treatments for all kinds of dermatological problems in Dubai in a supportive, patient-focused environment.

The different conditions that are treated by our team of dermatologists are:


Acne is one of the most common skin conditions, it happens when hair follicles under the skin get blocked by a type of oil secreted by the skin called sebum.

The function of this oil is to help keep skin hydrated, but when dead skin cells collect and plug the pores it can lead to the outbreak of skin lesions that we commonly call pimples.

Acne can occur on the face, but also on the back, the shoulders or the chest, and acne scars can be quite detrimental to aesthetic features and quality of life.

Most of the time, we tend to see acne abating in the early thirties however it can persist into later years for some people.

Acne affects people of all races and can be caused by hormonal factors as well as congenital factors.

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Eczema and dermatitis

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Eczema refers to a collection of skin disorders that leave the skin irritated. Often linked to allergies, specialized diagnosis and treatment is recommended by a dermatological expert.

One of the most common disorders in cosmetic dermatology, research indicates that eczema might affect almost a quarter of infants when they are born, a ratio which drops to just over 1 in 50 adults in later life.

Whilst there is no cure, a dermatologist is often the best placed expert to provide a professional diagnosis on the underlying cause and help patients with specialist advice to improve the quality of life and health of the skin.


In the USA, psoriasis is thought to affect up to 3% of the population. Psoriasis can cause changes to the pigmentation in the skin. As one of the more common skin conditions it is something we have experience with.

Thought to be related to the immunity system, it causes the body to overproduce skin cells and leaves visible signs on a location in the body.

Professional doctors should diagnose the condition and can provide the best course of remedial therapy for the treatment and management of the skin that is affected as well as the underlying condition that causes the changes in pigmentation.

  • Mole checks/mole mapping

  • Rosacea


  • Aesthetic treatments

  • Skin and nail infections

  • Patch testing for contact dermatitis

  • Skin surgery for benign and malignant skin lesions


A member of our team will reach out to you & quickly get you booked in for an appointment with the most relevant member of our dermatology team.

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    We work with leading medical insurance providers in the country, if you have any questions or queries just give us a call on 8008254268.


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