When people think about sports injuries, most automatically think of professional athletes playing top level sports. The reality is that common sports injuries happen every week to most people who have an active lifestyle. Playing sports like your weekly 5-aside football game with friends can put all sorts of pressure on your muscles and tendons, with potential injuries that can include jumper's knee, tennis elbow, achilles tendon sprain, rotator cuff, knee injuries, stress fractures, pain and swelling in the joints. This is especially true for those of us who make the common mistake of failing to warm up effectively before a workout.

  • Receive impartial care and respect of your personal values and beliefs from all staff without discrimination, according to DHA’s rules and regulations.

  • Receive comprehensive medical care aimed at reaching proper medical diagnosis and treatment of your illness and/or your injury.

  • Receive immediate care in emergency cases.

  • Know the identity (name and specialty) of the physician responsible for your care.

  • Receive comprehensive information about your diagnosis, proposed treatment, any changes in your health status and causes of such changes, alternative treatments, probabilities of treatment success or failure, therapy advantages and disadvantages, possible problems related to treatment and expected results of ignoring the treatment in a simple understandable manner.

  • Have an interpreter (upon availability) if the language presents a barrier to understanding details of your comprehensive medical care.

  • Give your written General Consent for treatment at Valiant Clinic and Hospital upon initial registration.

  • Give your written informed consent before any medical procedures that entail your written consent (according to DHA’s rules and regulations) after receiving all information that you may need. This must include the procedure benefits, available alternatives and all possible risks.

  • Valiant Clinic and Hospital encourages patients, parents or legal guardians to participate in planning and implementing the treatment with nurses and physicians.

  • Obtain a medical report and a copy of medical test results (upon your request), for which Valiant Clinic and Hospital may charge you according as per DHA’s rules and regulations.

  • Expect privacy during the performance of all examinations, procedures, and treatment at Valiant Clinic and Hospital, and to have all of your information maintained confidentially.

  • Choose the treating team doctor (upon availability and upon operational needs).

  • Refuse examination or follow-up of your treatment details by any person not directly responsible for your care. For persons who are not directly involved in your treatment, they must have your prior permission to attend your case discussion, examination and treatment.

  • Be protected during treatment from any physical, verbal or psychological assault.

  • Receive information from the treating doctor (in case you would like to donate any body organ) about donation process including advantages and potential disadvantages.

  • Have a family member or guardian as an escort depending on your availability and your health status, as per DHA’s rules and regulations. However, due to medical reasons, this may not be allowed.

  • Receive complete explanation of causes for transfer to another care center, consequent obligations (financial and administrative – if any) and alternatives. Valiant Clinic and Hospital will make all necessary arrangements to obtain the alternate medical center’s approval to receive the referred patient before starting the transfer process.

  • Receive (upon your request) an itemized bill explaining all charges regardless paid by yourself or by other sources.

  • You have the right to suggest, comment and complain about services.

  • View your medical record under the supervision of the treating doctor or medical team staff, according to DHA’s rules and regulations.

  • You have the right to get appropriate assessment and management of pain through well-known therapies and to get all necessary information in this regard.

  • In case of any new scientific research conducted by Valiant Clinic and Hospital pertaining to your treatment, your doctor will inform you on all related issues including potential benefits and risks, therapeutic alternatives and medical research protocol details.

  • If you are asked to participate in medical research, you have the right to give a written consent or refuse. You also have the right to end your participation at any time for any reason. This will not compromise the quality of medical services provided to you.

  • Valiant Clinic and Hospital is committed to provide terminally ill and dying patients with decent and compassionate care respecting their unique needs, according to DHA’s regulations.

  • Get a second opinion within or outside the Clinic without fear of compromise to your care.

Patients’ Responsibilities

  • Respect & abide by Valiant Clinic and Hospital rules and regulations.

  • Show consideration for others and deal with other patients and staff with respect.

  • Respect the privacy and comfort of other patients.

  • Provide complete and accurate information about present complaints, past illness, previous hospitalization and treatment and any known drug allergy.

  • Follow the treating doctor’s instructions.

  • Hold the responsibility for refusing or not following the treatment plan, after being informed about the potential consequences of this decision.

  • Attend the appointment on time. If you want to cancel it, inform the Appointment Office 48 hours in advance.

  • Respect the priority given to emergency cases.

  • Observe safety regulations including the no-smoking policy, maintaining the cleanliness of the clinic, hand hygiene and infection control procedures.

  • Ensure that financial obligations due for services at Valiant Clinic and Hospital are fulfilled promptly (if any).

  • Give requested samples and attend medical check-up on time.

  • Avoid bringing valuable personal belongings to the clinic. Valiant Clinic and Hospital will not be held responsible for loss of damage to such belongings.

  • Photographing or videotaping of staff, patients, visitors, physicians or interior areas of the clinic is prohibited unless written permission is obtained in advance.


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