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An appointment with an expert nutritionist and dietitian can be the first step in a life-changing journey that helps achieve weight management goals, minimise current and future health risks, maximise health and immunity at important moments such as during pregnancy and avoid foods which are incompatible due to allergies.

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Food is the fuel of the body, to keep your body healthy it is important to have a deeper awareness of the nutritional value of the things that we eat. Healthy eating becomes increasingly important as we grow older and at key moments in life such as during pregnancy.

The choice we face is to either make the food we eat something that is moving us on a journey to greater health, reduced risk of heart disease due to cholesterol, stronger immunity and a happier life, or it can complicate life by increasing the risk of diseases like obesity and cardiovascular diseases, reduce our life expectancy and the quality of life.

The ease with which low quality manufactured foods are available in Dubai make building healthy eating habits more difficult, which can cause particular problems when a person is at risk of cardiovascular disease or gastrointestinal conditions.


Dietitians can help solve a variety of issues ranging from poor eating habits, weight management, eating disorders, clinical nutrition and gastrointestinal issues and should be the first port of call as sometimes this can help avoid surgery in the future. If you have struggled with yo-yo diets then a consultation is a great starting step to unlock the benefits from the world of dietetics and nutrition.

Weight Management

Clinical nutrition is a form of therapy that can be used as a treatment for those who are overweight or struggling with obesity. It is important to recognize that over an extended period of time, extra weight can increase the risk of disease such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, stroke, cholesterol, medical disorders including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A professional qualified dietician will always study your existing eating habits in order to develop a tailored plan for you that is centered around healthy eating and nutritional goals. Keeping track of your progress and providing you with a plan helps manage progress and obtaining the best possible outcome.

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Food intolerance and allergies are also an important part of the process, you may hear increasingly today about people who are lactose intolerant or who have an intolerance for gluten, the best way to find out if you suffer from any food intolerance or allergies is to book a consultation with a dietician with whom you can undergo comprehensive testing to determine your specific body's needs when it comes to nutrition.

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Improve Energy

Are you feeling constantly tired? Clinical nutrition provided by an expert can help provide you with tools to improve your energy levels by looking at making changes in both diet and lifestyle.

A nutritionist can help develop a healthy eating plan that is heavily infused with foods that naturally boost energy. We often hear that there are certain foods, labelled superfoods, which can enhance the metabolic system, but creating a plan that ensures a balance of all the major food groups and meals eaten at regular intervals throughout the day is a reliably more effective alternative to relying on a single 'superfood'.

Eating Disorders

If you or someone you know is struggling with eating disorders such as anorexia it is vital to understand that the earlier the intervention the greater the chances for recovery. The lifestyle in Dubai can make it easier for these types of disorders to remain unnoticed by loved ones, but there are several extremely authoritative online resources that can help with discerning warning signs such as the American National Eating Disorders Association, who produced the video below about the warning signs and symptoms of eating disorders:

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Sports Nutrition

Having a comprehensive nutritional plan that is well thought out and expertly developed can help meet more of an athlete or budding athlete's vitamin and mineral needs. According tot he British Nutrition Foundation, nutrition plans developed for sport and exercise can help patients reduce the risk of injury and illness as well as shorten recovery times. Factoring in the requirement of protein to promote effective muscle growth and repair, sports nutrition plans often include foods that are unrefined or unprocessed, as well as being tailored to the individual person's body and requirements of the sport involved.


Unhealthy eating habits or poor food choices cause your gut to be inflamed. This can affect various other health parameters – a compromised immune system, bloating, uncontrolled PCOS, difficulty losing weight and sometimes malnutrition.

With proper nutrition & approaching your diet & lifestyle using an anti-inflammatory, tailored protocol, we can help improve digestion, gut health and lifestyle. This will aid in achieving your goal weight you haven’t been able to hit for years, improve quality of sleep, reduce generalized inflammation & improve energy levels.

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PCOS & Hormonal Conditions

PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is a largely lifestyle driven condition. Women with Polycystic ovary syndrome often find it difficulty to lose weight, have imbalance hormones, facial hair, irregular menstrual cycles & experience chronic fatigue. Constant fluctuations in hormones may lead to difficulty losing weight. The right nutrition & lifestyle support can help you support your hormones and initiate weight loss.

Diabetes Management

Diabetes management & nutrition go hand in hand. We will educate you on how best to make better diet and lifestyle choices to stabilize blood sugar & prevent or control diabetes from a food and nutrition standpoint.

Other conditions we can help with include:

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