Our neurosurgery department is staffed by an elite handpicked team of neurosurgeons with access to cutting edge medical technology, including 3d imaging, navigation and neuromonitoring.

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Neurosurgery is a speciality in medical care that is focused on diagnosing and treating issues with the body's nervous system. Whilst most people tend to think of neurosurgery as being strictly related to the brain and brain surgery, however it extends beyond the brain to the spinal cord and spinal column as well as other nerves in the body. Our neurosurgery department is led by a renowned German neurosurgeon Dr Nils Haberland, who has authored more than 20 research publications on spine and brain surgery with robotics on a wide range of topics including intracranial and spinal tumors, as well as other highly renowned and experienced neurosurgeons and specialists.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital's Neurosurgery Department

The focus of our hospital in Dubai and more specifically our neurosurgery team is on delivering the benefits of advances in medical techniques and technology to our patients.

Our neurosurgery team is capable of treating a full spectrum of brain and spine disorders, including conditions such as blood clots, brain tissue issues, spinal cord issues and many more.

Our patients also benefit from the significant investments we have made in medical technology, with 3d imaging-enhanced surgical navigation, robotic surgery for the spine and spinal cord and frameless stereotaxy for advanced brain surgery.

Find out more about the cutting edge neurosurgery technology available at our hospital in Dubai:

Neurosurgeons Who Believe in Evidence-Based Treatment Practices

We believe a neurosurgeon should focus providing patients with the most comprehensive review of cutting edge techniques and our department and management is always focused on providing an exact, clear, accurate diagnosis for each and every patient.

After this our neurosurgeons create a treatment plan, which first includes all non-surgical therapies, such as targeted physiotherapy, optimized pain therapy, ergonomic design of the workplace, and a healthy lifestyle.

However, if all conservative methods are failed, we will treat you with the most modern surgical techniques. The aim of these surgeries is to provide to our patients the highest possible quality of life through the smallest possible intervention.

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Advanced Cutting Edge Brain Surgery Treatment

Valiant Clinic & Hospital’s Neurosurgery department and the Spine Center Frankfurt in Germany, the Spine Center of St. Elisabethen Hospital Frankfurt cooperate scientifically and the centers regularly collaborate with each other on surgical and non-surgical care, to ensure that the best treatment options are determined for each individual patient.


  • Cervical, thoracic, and lumber spine herniated discs.
    A herniated disc is called a slipped disc or a prolapsed disc, and is where the soft tissue which acts as a cushion between the bones in the spine is pushed out of place. A herniated disc may cause symptoms such as pain the back, numbness or tingling in the shoulders back arms hands legs or feet, neck pain, inhibited range of spinal motion, muscle weakness and pain in the buttocks, hips or legs.
  • Condition of sciatic nerve
    The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the human body, formed by the combination of 5 nerve roots from the lower spine, when it is impinged it can cause pain that is called sciatica.
  • Spine stenosis
    Spinal stenosis happens when the space inside the backbone is too small, putting pressure on the spinal cord and the nerves that ravel through the spine, most often occurring in the lower back and in the neck it can require treatment despite no obvious symptoms.
  • Spondylolisthesis
    Spondylolisthesis is a condition that involves instability in the spine and happens when the vertebrae in the spine slips forward, this can cause extreme pain in the spinal cord and most commonly occurs in the lower back.
  • Scoliosis and Kyphosis
    These conditions involve the curvature of the spine, kyphosis is a spinal disorder that causes the top of the back to appear more rounded than normal creating an exaggerated forward curve, whilst scoliosis causes a sideways curvature.
  • Back pain and cervical pain treatment
  • Spine tumor
    A tumor in the spine or spinal tumor is a growth that can develop within the spinal cord, spinal canal or even within the bones of the spine itself. A spinal cord tumor is also called an intradural tumor, wherever it appears this abnormal mass of tissue can grow and multiply uncontrollably, requiring medical intervention and comprehensive treatment to minimise the associated risks.
  • Spine injuries
  • Spine infection
    Spinal infections are classified by the location in the body they are located, this can include the vertebral column, spinal canal, invertebral disc space or the surrounding soft tissue. Infections are sometimes caused by bacteria or fungus and sometimes are a resulting complication after surgery, and can be treated with surgery or in a nonsurgical manner with long term intravenous antibiotic or antifungal therapy.
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery

    All kinds of pediatric neurosurgery for brain and spine

  • Brain Surgery

    We are able to assist with tumors of the brain and pituitary gland, intracranial hypertension, hydrocephalus, cerebral hemorrhages, head injuries & head infections.


    We are able to assist with syndromes of the carpal, cubital and tarsal tunnels as well as peripheral nerve injuries.



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