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Learn more about our Anesthesiology department and the vital role that anesthesiologists in Dubai play in medical procedures.

What is

Anesthesiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and relief of pain. Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who specialize in anesthesia. They work closely with surgeons and other members of the surgical team to ensure that patients have a safe and comfortable experience during surgery.

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Anesthesiology is a specialized medical field that involves the use of anesthetics to ensure safe and comfortable hospital care. At a hospital such as one located in Dubai, anesthesiologists manage patients before, during, and after surgery or other procedures. They are responsible for assessing a patient's pain level and selecting the proper type and dose of anesthetic agent based on the individual's health, age, body size, and other factors.

Anesthesiologists also monitor vital functions such as blood pressure and heart rate throughout the procedure. Anesthesiologists have advanced knowledge in physiology, pharmacology, physics and math to understand patient reactions to different classes of drugs they administer. This in-depth understanding allows them to keep patients safe while they are undergoing medical procedures.

How Is Anesthesiology Used in Modern Medicine?

Anesthesiology is an essential branch of medicine that allows for medical procedures to be completed in the safest way possible for patients. Anesthesiologists are medical professionals who are expertly trained and specialize solely in administration, regulation and management of medications used to reduce or eliminate a patient's feeling and awareness during a procedure.

Anesthesiologists carefully assess a patient's history, allergies and current condition before providing anesthesia as they understand that each person's needs are unique. This specialized field provides benefits to both the patient and the medical team. With appropriate use of anesthetics, patients can tolerate difficult procedures while physicians work quickly with confidence. Anesthesiology is a crucial component in the advancement of modern medicine as it has enabled countless procedures, treatments and surgeries to take place in the best interests of patients' health.

Types of Anesthesiology Available

A variety of anesthesiology options are available today in order to provide an individual with the best possible experience during their medical procedure or surgery.

Anesthesiologists often choose from general, regional and local anesthesia in order to provide the desired level of sedation for the patient.

General anesthesia is considered to be the most invasive type, as it induces a state of unconsciousness for prolonged period; regional anesthesia involves numbing certain areas of the body, such as a limb or area below the waist; and local anesthesia is an injection that causes extreme numbness to a specific area. By employing this spectrum of drugs, many medical practices are enabled to perform surgeries safely, quickly and effectively with minimal discomfort for patients.


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