World Vitiligo Day - 25≪Sup≫Th≪/Sup≫ June Vitiligo Vitiligo
Dr. Shadan Naji
Specialist Dermatologist

Vitiligo is a disease of skin in which areas of skin lose its natural color. This disease is considered as a type of autoimmune disease in which for unknow reason the immunity cells in the body attacks the cell that form melanin which is responsible for skin color.

Vitiligo can affect any skin type and all ages, but it usually occurs before age 30. The white patches might not be developing on skin, but it might also affect hair or even the inner part of the mouth.

This condition is neither life threatening nor contagious, but it could be stressful to the patient as it affects his/her confidence and self-acceptance. There are multiple types of treatment for vitiligo and the aim of treatment is to regain the color of skin.

Treatment includes topicals that reduce the inflammation of the affected skin such as steroids or immunomodulators. Also, light therapy to encourage skin of forming new color in the affected areas.

There is many research that is being done currently to discover new treatment for vitiligo these includes agents that can control or activate melanocyte the cells responsible for producing melanin.

It is important to understand that skin affected with vitiligo is more prone to sun damage and to develop skin cancer, so it is highly important for patients with vitiligo to practice regular effcient sun protection measures.

Finally understanding the psychological impact of this disease is very important, many covering make up options are available and should be shared with patients since diagnosis. An expert at our dermatology clinic in Dubai is the best placed person to provide you with a medical opinion.

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