Tips to improve memory

Dr. Rowena Eadie
Specialist Family Medicine
Memory is an integral part of our everyday life and activities. A number of factors may affect memory performance, including diet, exercise and sleep.
“Brain foods”: eating foods rich in omega3- fatty acids (fatty fish), B vitamins (legumes and leafy greens) and antioxidants (berries) supports brain health and may improve mental function.
Get moving: aerobic exercise e.g. walking, swimming or cycling at least 3 times a week can benefit cognitive performance.
Sleep: too little sleep can affect memory performance by impacting on alertness and concentration.
Exercise your brain: playing games like chess and bridge that encourage memory and planning, or stimulating creativity by painting or playing an instrument, keeps the brain active.
Make a list: external memory aids like writing notes, using a calendar to keep appointments and setting a phone alarm reminder for medication, can enhance memory performance

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