Tips For Teeth Whitening Whitening Whitening
Demika Levy
Dental Hygienist

Summer is the time for vacations! Most of us reveal our best-groomed selves during the summer. So what embodies vacation like a healthy white smile, flip-flops, and of course, a nice pair of sunglasses?

The market is full of options, so let's discuss the basics, and you decide if a whiter smile is what you want.

When it comes to teeth whitening Dubai, there are several whitening systems available, and each method has its expectation in the degree of whiteness and purpose in the market. Therefore, I advise you seek a trained professional consultation to assess your individual needs.

You always start with clean teeth, free of plaque and tartar, and healthy gums. Anything less will add to sensitivity and less than optimum results.

Mainly all whitening products include some form of hydrogen peroxide as the main active ingredient. The peroxide oxidizes the organic material {acquired pellicle}, and the result is whiter teeth.

How white your teeth become depends on who you are, the type/percentage of peroxide, and contact time with the teeth.

Yes, expect to have minor transient sensitivity. Your oral health specialist should advise you on how to minimize discomfort.

As the Hygienist at Valiant's Dental Clinic in Dubai, I have taken great care in selecting whitening systems that provide results with minor discomfort. Thus, improving the overall quality of your experience.

The sensitivity is not- I repeat, not because the gel is damaging your enamel. As I mentioned earlier, the oxidation of the acquired pellicle is contributory to sensitivity. The pellicle is responsible for sealing the dentin tubules in the tooth. Therefore, unsealed tubules or exposed dentin equals more sensitivity.

A dental professional will help you manage your sensitivity. Now the good news: this sensitivity disappears once the pellicle reestablishes.

The acquired pellicle takes about 24-48 hours to reform.
Patients want to know how long it lasts. That depends heavily on lifestyle choices such as smoking, diet, and oral hygiene homecare.

However, you should expect quality results based on the whitening system chosen.

The goal for any Summer is absolute confidence in your beautiful, healthy, and white smile.

Stop by for a consultation and get started with some summer fun!

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