Tips For Acne-Free Skin
Dr. Shadan Naji
Specialist at our Dermatology Clinic in Dubai

Acne is one of the most common complaints among our patients.

Acne nowadays is not only a disease of teenagers, an increased number of adult patients mainly females complain of this chronic on & off flare ups on the face.

This condition is mainly related to hormones but also studies have shown a direct connection with make-up and certain skin care use.

In order to reduce and prevent having more flare ups here are some tips that can help you keep your acne under contra

  1. Proper cleansing and toning are essential to control
    acne, try to use Salicylic acid-based cleanser and toners
    that would really remove all debris from skin surface and
    reduce oil production.
  2. Use specific ingredients regularly to reduce your flare
    ups those usually are used at nighttime. Examples are
    Retinoids, Sulphur, & benzoyl peroxide.
  3. Choose your make up wisely, search for products
    that are proven to be non-comedogenic &
    non-acnegenic and reduce the use of foundations to
  4. Do not touch you face with your hands unless they
    are clean and only for cream application as this
    might be a source of triggering new flare ups.
  5. Change your bed sheets weekly as this might have
    an impact in reducing your blemishes.
  6. Finally do a medical cleaning facial every 1-3 months.
    These facial helps eliminating all comedones and
    reduce their formation and it has direct impact in
    reducing new blemishes.

Remember Acne need a specific approach to control it
fully always relay on your dermatologists opinion to
choose the best approach for you.

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