Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine

Valiant Clinic & Hospital is proud to announce that it is now a certified provider of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine! UAE residents aged 16 and above can head to our website to book their vaccination appointment between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (Sat – Thu) at our dedicated COVID-19 Vaccination Centre.

Receiving the Pfizer Covid vaccine is not only beneficial for personal health, but for the protection of those around us. Vaccines work by providing a “teaching” tool to our immune system, preparing it to fight off a specific virus should it ever invade our bodies.

By receiving a Pfizer Covid Vaccine, individuals are contributing to herd immunity – wherein enough of the population is vaccinated or already fought off a virus such that it slows down transmission significantly and provides extra protection for those at higher risk. Additionally, taking pro-active preventative measures now can help clear the path for vaccinations for those who may otherwise go unvaccinated due to financial or healthcare disparities. It is more important than ever that we unify together to protect ourselves, our families, and each other from potentially serious get your Pfizer Covid Vaccine today!

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