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The Cynosure Elite Laser Hair Removal treatment uses a dual-wavelength system that delivers faster results, suitable for all skin types.

Eliminates fine hair easily

Prevents ingrown hair

Long Lasting

Suitable for all skin tones & skin types

Optimal skin penetration rate by the laser

[All prices below are quoted exclusive of VAT at 5%.]

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Hair Growth Hair Removal In Dubai Services Multiple Beam


Each package includes 5 sessions. All prices are exclusive of 5% VAT.

  • Hair Removal Full Body for Men – AED 7,000

  • Hair Removal Full Body for Women – AED 5,000

  • Full arms – AED 1,500

  • Half arms – AED 1,000

  • Full Legs – AED 2,500

  • Half Legs – AED 1,500

  • Full Back – AED 2,000

  • Half Back – AED 1,250

  • Full Bikini – AED 1,000

  • Hair Removal Chest – 1,250 AED

  • Abdomen – AED 1,250

  • Full Face – AED 1,000

  • Jaw Line – AED 750

  • Underarms – AED 750

  • Bikini Line – AED 750

  • Underarms & bikini – AED 1,750

  • Full legs, underarms & bikini – AED 3,000

  • Upper Lip – AED 500

  • Chin – AED 500

Hair Removal Full Body

Frequently Asked Questions About
Laser Hair Removal Dubai

How Does The Laser Hair Removal Process Work?

A medical procedure, laser hair removal treatment is used to remove unwanted hair growth. The procedure concentrates light into a laser to remove unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Unwanted Hair

Hair cells are damaged by the heat caused by laser, which is converted into heat that, depending on the patient, can stop or delay hair growth in the future.

Shaving Factors Smooth Doctors Chest Specialist Pigment Safety Swelling Factors Hair Hair Growth Unwanted Hair

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

Body hair grows differently for each person. Individual factors affect the level of effectiveness when it comes to the removal of unwanted hairs by laser treatment.

Services Permanent Treatments Procedure Follicles Treated Services Session Weeks

The number of treatments required depends on things like the skin tone, skin type and hair type. In order to be most effective, laser hair removal sessions must target the hair follicles at the anagen stage of hair growth.

What are Hair Follicles?

Get Rid Dubai Skin Skin Care Free Light Beard Session

The hair follicle is a tube like structure that is a pore, it surrounds the root and strand of the hair, as pictured above, and go as deep as the first two layers of the skin.

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Dubai?

A laser hair removal clinic usually offers brazilian laser hair reduction programs which are designed for women and tend to follow the swimwear lines.

Are The Effects of Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal is based on stopping the hair follicle from growing back. Laser hair removal interrupts the growth process for longer than waxing or shaving leaving your skin smooth for longer.

Laser Hair Removal Dubai Laser Hair Removal In Dubai Body Hair Laser Hair Removal Methods

Results at our clinic are often dependent on the patients skin type and hair type, your medical expert will be able to assess whether multiple sessions are required.

Hair follicles that are damaged in the laser treatment may grow back, a hair follicle that is destroyed will not.

When hair follicles that are damaged grow back, it is possible to treat them again, which is why more than one session is often recommended.

How Long Will A Laser Hair Removal Treatment Take?

The length of time depends on the area of skin to be treated, a total body laser hair removal treatment will take much longer than a beard for example.

Procedure Sessions Shaving Waxing Services Dermatologist Lasers Advanced Sun Safety Unwanted Hair

Sessions can last between 15 to 60 minutes, and are generally pain free.

Is there Laser Hair Removal Near Me In Dubai?

If you are wondering if our hair laser removal near me then you are in luck. With our central location in the City Walk District, Dubai our hair removal clinic near me is the best choice.

Click on the map below to get our Google Maps Location:

Map To Valiant Clinic &Amp; Hospital In Dubai

We know that there are many options for laser hair removal in Dubai, we are dedicated to offering you the best service.

Do You Offer Full Body Laser Hair Removal?

All body hair removal is available using laser hair removal methods, it is an extensive process.

You can book an appointment with our team and have a consultation with a medical professional assess your skin and provide an understanding about the fully body laser procedure.

How Can I Book a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

All of our medical services, including laser hair removal in Dubai, can be booked via Whatsapp, or by using the contact form on this page or by calling us on 8008254268

Can Laser Hair Removal Trigger Future Hair Growth?

Laser hair removal has been used as a hair removal method since 1996. Over the years countless people have undergone the procedure, research has shown that an average of 3% of these people suffer Paradoxical Hypertrichosis.

This is considered an uncommon adverse effect associated with the laser treatments, one study involving 9,733 people found that more than half of this occurred with treatments of the face or neck.

One of our medical experts can provide you with information on the factors involved.

Are There Any Side Effects From Laser Hair Removal In Dubai?

Redness And Swelling Get Rid Permanent Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Treatments Hair Growth Full Body Laser Book An Appointment

The most common side effects of laser hair removal include:

Skin irritation.

Depending on patients skin type, some patients can experience a temporary discomfort with redness and swelling following laser hair removal in Dubai. This irritation generally abates and disappears a few hours after the laser hair removal treatment.

Treated Procedure Side Effects Medical Waxing Shaving Weeks Consultation Hairs Session Neck

Pigment changes.

In some patients, laser hair removal treatment might leave the skin tone lighter or darker. These changes may be temporary or permanent, however it has been shown that lightening of the skin tends to happen in patients who fail to avoid exposure to the sun and UV radiation before or after laser hair removal treatment.

Hair follicles of the body hair can experience pigment loss in very rare cases following the laser hair removal treatment.


In very rare instances, patients may experience blistering and other changes in the skin texture of the area of skin that has undergone laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal isn't recommended for eyelids, eyebrows or surrounding areas, due to the possibility of severe eye injury.

Who Can Get A Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser hair removal treatment is available to both men and women. Whilst most women tend to seek hair removal or hair reduction from different areas than men, laser hair removal treatment is effective in both.

A fast, convenient pain free solution that is far better than shaving or waxing, leaving the treated area smooth for weeks, especially after multiple sessions, the number of which can be best determine by the doctors after a consultation in which the services and options for areas such as the beard, neck, chest and others.

A professional dermatologist is always on hand and can discuss the advanced type of lasers used and the steps we take to ensure safety and minimise side effects like inflammation. Book a consultation today and see how many sessions you might need to get rid of unwanted hairs with a specialist dermatologist today.

Why Choose Valiant Clinic & Hospital For Laser Hair Services?

Area To Be Treated Get Rid Procedure Clinic Permanent Treatments Treated Multiple

At Valiant we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced medical technology available to a handpicked team of medical experts who are western board-certified.

Skin Care Beam Dermatologist Specialist Hairs Session

The same applies to the dermatologist who conducts the procedure, who is fully supported by the total spectrum of specialists and departments in our multi-speciality hospital in Dubai.

Get Rid Hair Reduction Skin Pain Free Area To Be Treated Upper Lip Dubai Skin Type Side Effects Skin Types Skin Care Laser Beam Beard Permanent Growth Many Sessions


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