Options for Mole Removal Dubai

In this article we will explain what a mole is and whether or not they are a valid health concern. Our dermatology clinic in Dubai is staffed by an elite team of medical experts who can help.

We will also look at the options for mole removal in Dubai, understanding the procedures used in mole removal treatment and what the implications are pre and post removal.

What are moles?

A mole is known as naevus, moles are normal skin growths that happen when the cells in the skin responsible for the production of pigment, which are known as melanocytes, grow in clusters.

Over the years, scientists have published in-depth, peer reviewed studies about the types of moles and reasons behind them.

They can look different in different skin types, skin tones and complexions, most often they take the appearance of small marks which are either flesh colored or darker.

Moles come in all shapes and sizes, the number of cells that produce the pigment in each mole influences the color and shade.

The good news is that the vast majority of moles are benign and in most cases they do not cause any discomfort, in fact our patients generally opt for mole removal in Dubai because of the risks associated with sunlight and for cosmetic appearance, especially for facial moles which can increase in shape and size as we grow older.

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    Are We Born With Moles?

    A very small number of people are ever born with moles, this is a condition that is known as congenital melanocytic naevi and are often larger in shape and size than moles that develop during life.

    Moles that suddenly appear after adulthood or changes in existing moles' shape and size can be an indicator of skin cancer and it is highly advised to seek medical advice and an appointment with a dermatologist who can take a biopsy or arrange for a mole removal procedure, which can be achieved with a pain free process such as laser treatment.

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    What is the difference between Moles and Freckles?

    Freckles tend to be flush with the skin, to the touch there is no perceptible change in the skin's surface where the freckles are, they are essentially flat.

    Freckles are similar to moles in that their color and shape are determined by the formation of melanocytes but moles are different because they have skin cells forming a cluster in addition to the melanocytes.

    When is the best time for Mole Removal Treatment?

    When it comes to your health, one should always err on the side of caution. It is important to remain self aware of the potential risks associated with melanoma and moles.

    Removing moles should be considered when it is noticed that they appear to have changed shape or changed color or if a new mole appears after adulthood.

    Moles that do not have regular edges and uneven colors like pink spots or undefined edges should be considered higher risk and you should always try to seek a professional medical opinion from a qualified dermatologist who will be able to effectively diagnose and provide the most effective treatment option or procedure.

    How does a Mole Removal in Dubai work?

    There are several mole removal treatment options, the best one for your particular mole should always be decided by a qualified dermatologist who may opt for a small surgical procedure depending on the size and location of the mole and how much of a concern scar will be, for example if it is a facial mole.

    Whilst differing methods of mole removal are used, they all share the same goal, which is the excision of the mole and disrupting or damaging the cells in the mole so that it does not grow back.

    A doctor who is an experienced surgeon and specialises in dermatology is the best placed authority on which procedure is required, the considerations include the location of the mole and the method of removal, we have seen that primarily the two most popular methods are laser mole removal and liquid nitrogen.

    The main methods of mole removal are:

    Mole Removal by Freezing

    Mole Removal by Laser Treatment

    Mole Removal by Surgical Blade Shaving

    Mole Removal by Surgical Excision Procedure

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    The general concept behind a mole removal treatment is to ensure the total excision of the mole in a manner that ensures it does not return or regrow.

    Liquid nitrogen is one method of freezing a mole, as you can see in the video above, this method is also used for a wide variety of skin growths including skin tags and other conditions.

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