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Men’s Health Tips By Dr. Harris Zourelidis Health Problems Health Problems
Dr. Harris Zourelidis
Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon
1. Move
In the age of digital revolution, we spend more and more time in sedentary positions. Most of our grandparents did physical jobs, walked, or used public transport to work, so they would spend most of their days moving, they did not have to do any additional exercise. Nowadays most of the heath problems are related to sedentary lifestyle. If you are not loading your bones, they become soft. Interesting fact – astronauts are very healthy people, but when they come back from the space journey, spending time in microgravity, their bones look like bones of very elderly people. So, the best way to prevent the health problems is to make sure you move at least for 1 or 2 hours a day. You can spend time exercising or walking, but make sure you do it 5-6 times a week. Ideally you should aim for 150 minutes moderate physical activity as recommended by American Heart Association.
2. Eat healthy
Most of us moved from home cooking of healthy food to ready-made solutions. Processed and ultra-processed food are large part of today’s diet. Most of the health problems today are related to bad eating habits, number one killer today is still heart disease, not COVID. Imagine filling up your car, you always fill it with the premium clean fuel, we all know that if you use dirty contaminated fuel, the engine will not last long.
My advice is to pay attention to what are you eating, read the ingredients, ask how your food was cooked, where the components are coming from.
3. Recover
Proper recovery from busy jobs or athletic activities is very important. 7-8 hours of good sleep is essential to allow your body to recover. If you are exercising every day, remember to switch your activities or to have recovery days between the heavy workouts. Recovery is important not only for muscles but for brain too. There are plenty of way to recover physically and mentally, for example meditation, yoga, trips to nature.
4. Keep your brain busy
This is very important for the middle age men. Developing new skills, learning new language solving puzzles, playing chess can increase and improve the connections of the neurons in you brains – improve neuroplasticity. This can keep the brain sharp and stave off age related diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s.
5. Regular Heath Check Up
Thanks to advances in modern medicine and science most of the health problems can be treated when detected early. Prevention programs, advise on healthy lifestyle are also very important to prevent disease. Even if you feel well, it is important to see your doctor regularly.

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