March – Announcement
GM & Medical Director
Dear Colleagues,
The year 2020 will be a year seared in all our memories. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes and challenges to our lives.
Patient trust, safety and ethical care are our Valiant Healthcare pillars and we will continue our mission in 2021 to develop and expand the high-quality services in our Boutique Hospital in Dubai.
All the Valiant staff undergo a regular monthly Covid-19 screening and our extensive Covid-19 safety protocols are unique in the Dubai healthcare community.
Covid-19 vaccination is promoted and performed among our staff together with personal protection and social distancing to provide safe and hygienic services for our clients and staff.
The outpatient and surgical departments are still growing in 2021 thanks the dedication, passion and professionalism of all our team members and thanks to the trust of our clients in our services.
We have formulated prestigious goals for the year 2021.
We have recently expanded our Center of Excellence for Orthopedic Surgery, Spine Surgery and Physiotherapy to offer a complete range of treatments by experienced doctors and therapists with a long-term practice in Dubai.
The Endocrinology Center of Excellence will expand its services by providing podiatry and multidisciplinary services where diabetic foot patients will have an expert opinion by multidisciplinary doctors during the same day.
We are in the process to organize a Multidisciplinary Weight Management Program to provide a 360-patient approach in weight loss treatment and weight loss surgery.
Valiant Clinic and Hospital is in the process to set up an Urgent Care facility to extend our services outside working hours for the City Walk and nearby communities.
Valiant Clinic expanded recently its Aviation Medicine services by providing certified medical aviation professionals in different specialties.
We are expanding and evaluating collaborations with prestigious healthcare institutions. Valiant Clinic started a collaboration with German Hearth Center in Dubai to provide cardiology and cardiac imaging services in our facility.
Our facility is respected by an increasing number of the finest Dubai and international surgeons who operate in our facility using our state-of-the-art premium facility in the center of Dubai. SEO Optimization
We are looking forward to serving you in 2021 and we will continue our mission to provide ethical care and patient trusted services.
Kind regards,

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