July - Announcement
Dr Faisal Baddar
Director of Clinical Operations
Family Medicine Consultant
Dear Colleagues,
I am happy to mark the next milestone in delivering clinical excellence to our patients. This summer, we will be launching our collaboration with Moorfield’s Eye Hospital Dubai. Ophthalmology services will now be available on site two days a week, enhancing our screening, diagnostic and treatment services. We have worked to bring on board our new partners in care in line with our strategy to provide a comprehensive suite of outpatient services. Additionally, we have further developed the breadth of surgical and inpatient services available to our patients.
Like Valiant Clinic and Hospital, Moorfield’s Eye Hospital stands for excellence in clinical care, and seeks to ensure both the quality and viability of the local healthcare system, by establishing and increasing local healthcare resources at the level that our community expects. This collaboration gives our patients access to in-house ophthalmology services for the first time, supplementing the excellent optometry care provided over the past five years by Sheena Lakhani.
The linking of our two systems will permit patients to benefit from uninterrupted eye care. Patients suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and severe ophthalmological diseases can benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, which will see our new colleagues collaborating with our primary care providers, medical specialists and surgeons to deliver a global standard of care in ophthalmology. We welcome our new clinical partners into our facility, and look forward to a fruitful and beneficial relationship.

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