We are pleased to announce Valiant Clinic’s most recent development and milestone. In August 2021, we will be introducing our brand new VIP inpatient wing on the second floor of our facility in City Walk, Dubai. Our VIP inpatient wing will host five en suite inpatient rooms, offering a modern, luxurious and boutique environment for patients requiring overnight stays for any procedures held at our hospital.

This development will allow our patients access to a personal, bespoke and relaxing environment to rest and recover whilst receiving world class care from our in-house specialists. Each inpatient room will offer a living area and breakout area to allow a space for entertainment, dining and resting for our patients, their family and friends.

We are proud to take our world-class service to the next level for our valued Valiant patients, and to further enhance the patient experience in our boutique hospital. Impressive views of the city, state of the art technology, and signature amenities are what we are most excited to offer with every visit to our hospital, whilst guiding you to recovery every step of the way.

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