Importance Of Consistency In Food Intake.
Aahat Sajnani
Dietitian & Nutritionist in Dubai

Importance of consistency in meal timings & eating often throughout the day

Have you ever gone through the day with almost no food intake followed by a surge of uncontrollable hunger before dinner time? We’ve all been there.

Soon, skipping meals becomes a regular pattern your body gets used to leading to sugar cravings, weight gain and chronic fatigue during the day. While this may work in theory to eat lesser & maybe lose weight, this is in fact doing the opposite.

Eating wholesome meals at consistent intervals through the day, every day, will decrease food cravings especially sugar since your body is well fed & not looking for quick sources of energy (sugar) to push through the day. This automatically reduces the likelihood of over-eating snacks and sugary foods during the day.

Consistent meal timings & eating at regular intervals also provides your body with a sense of stability that “food will be on its way” leading to your body to use this food as fuel instead of storing food incase you skip your meal.

Does this mean you have to eat 3 meals a day every day?

Absolutely not. Consistency in food intake varies between individuals however following roughly the same meal timings every day, preventing long hours of no food intake & avoiding skipping your main meals are key factors.

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