Exercise &Amp; Lifestyle Changes To Treat Sciatica Sciatic Nerve Sciatic Nerve
Danielle Donnelly
Sports Therapist at our Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai

The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body. It starts with five nerves in the lower back that runs through the buttocks and down the back of leg, all the way to the sole of the foot.

Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is called sciatica- It can cause a burning or shooting pain that usually occurs only on one side. The pain of sciatica is often intense & very irritating, however conservative treatment works very well to resolve this issue.

Exercise is a key way to prevent or help relieve sciatica:
A good programme would include a mix of gentle sciatic nerve
flossing, mobility & strength training with special focus on the lumbo-pelvic region to increase strength & stability in this area. Working with an injury rehabilitation personal trainer would be a great way to to manage this process safely.

Prolonged periods of sitting will put pressure on the discs and ligaments in the low back. If you have a job that requires a lot of sitting, take frequent breaks & walk as much as possible - movement is key! If you play sports you already know this, which is why visiting a sports medicine Dubai might be a good idea.

Recent studies in pain science show back pain is usually multi-factorial with psycho-social aspects such as increased stress & lack of sleep having a huge effect on how we feel & perceive pain especially in chronic pain situations.

Making some time to meditate even if it’s just 5 minutes a day has been shown to have positive effects, as well as improving sleep hygiene by a having a good bedtime routine to help you wind down & get those crucial Zzzzz.

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