April - Announcement
Dr Faisal Baddar
Director of Clinical Operations
Family Medicine Consultant
Dear Colleagues,
It has been a pleasure to continue working with everyone to expand on the founding values of Valiant. I am honored to share in the care of our patients with you all daily and would like to highlight some points that I believe create a unique atmosphere in which to provide healthcare.
The first element is the customer service that we provide. Not just through our courteous approach, positive demeanor, and friendly smile, but also through the dedication to always put the patient experience at the forefront of their journey through our facility. Whether it is our call center staff who provide accurate and professional service, our nurses who allay the anxieties of patients while they perform sometimes invasive tests, or our physicians who provide the time and attention that our patients deserve, our staff always strive to make a visit to Valiant a positive experience.
The second element is that of clinical excellence. We support our staff in their continued education and are in the process of not only developing internal programs for our healthcare providers, but also parallel programs to increase the understanding and health literacy of our non-clinical staff. This is the cornerstone of any facility that prides itself on its knowledge: to increase that of everyone, through the hard work and dedication of our more experienced providers.
The third and final element that I would seek to highlight is our teamwork. No matter how strong an individual is, more can always be achieved as part of a team. We are building many such teams across the clinic and hospital, but the most important team that we have is the whole Valiant team. Working with a focus on continuously improving the care that we provide, we can achieve together what we could only ever dream of accomplishing alone. Instead of thinking that any one individual is indispensable, I firmly believe that every single staff member is an integral part of our organization.
For these reasons, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our colleagues for their hard work: our cleaners, our security, our facility management team, our valet providers, our service excellence team, our nursing staff, our biomedical engineers, our allied health providers, our administrative staff in marketing, business development, insurance and finance, our IT support, our senior management team, our anesthesia technicians, our physicians, and our owner. Without every single one of you, Valiant could never achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves!

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