5 Valuable Habits for Diabetics

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At our Diabetes Clinic in Dubai, we are often asked about the best habits to live comfortably with Diabetes so we compiled a short list:

1- Diet
For many patient with diabetes the most challenging part is of the treatment plan is determines what to eat.

There is not a “one -size-fit all” eating pattern for individual with diabetes and meal plan should be individualized.

Nutrition therapy plays an integral role in the overall diabetes management and each patient with diabetes should be actively engaged in education and self-management and a heathy dietetic plan establish and personalized by your dietitian.

2- Move more
Physical activity: is a fundamental element in the management of diabetes from Adolescence to adulthood.

All adult in particular with type 2 diabetes should decrease the amount of time spent in sedentary behavior, prolonged sitting should be interrupting every 30 minutes for blood glucose benefit. Physical activity should be personalize taking into account age and fitness of every patient

3- Good quality sleep
Regular lifestyle and good quality of sleep can improve quality of life, compliance with diet and treatment

4- Quit smoking
Smoking cessation People with diabetes who smokes (including passive smoking) have a heightened risk of CVD, premature death and vascular complication. Smoking cessation should be recommended in every patient with diabetes.

5- Calm down
Emotional well-being is an important part of diabetes care and social problems can impair the individual’s or family’s ability to carry out diabetes care and potentially compromise health status.

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