These 10 Foods Help Promote Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases as secondary diseases of atherosclerosis (calcification of the arteries) are the most frequent cause of illness and death worldwide. At our Cardiology Clinic in Dubai, our experts diagnose and treat a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.

Smoking, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and certain lipid metabolism disorders, mostly characterized by high cholesterol, are the main risk factors that lead to atherosclerosis.

For many people, in addition to an unhealthy lifestyle, the wrong diet is primarily involved in the development of these risk factors.

Most diseases of the cardiovascular system occur in middle age. However, by discovering these risk factors at an early stage and through targeted preventive measures in early childhood, which in particular includes a healthy lifestyle and diet in the family, the occurrence of these diseases can usually be countered in good time.

Here are 10 recommendations for a heart-healthy diet

  1. Olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and polyphenols, it has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels
  2. Sea fish, these have a particularly high proportion of valuable omega-3 fatty acids and it is strongly recommended to have 2 fish meals per week, the grilled fish is meant here.
  3. Nuts, which have had a bad reputation for a long time because of their high fat content, are rich in unsaturated fats and ideal sources of energy, and contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases however nuts are also rich in calories and should be consumed moderately
  4. Organic meat contains more vitamins. Even so, it should not be consumed indefinitely. We don’t have to avoid meat entirely, but those who eat less (red) meat can look forward to a healthier heart. We strongly advise against heavily processed meat products such as sausages and spreads.
  5. Fruits, 2 portions per day are recommended, especially low-sugar fruits such as berries, clementine’s, grapefruit, kiwi, nectarine, papaya, orange.
  6. High-sugar fruits such as pineapple, banana, pear, persimmon (Sharon), honeydew melon, cherry, mango and grapes should be consumed in moderation.
  7. Anti-inflammatory spices and herbs - such as turmeric, cumin, pepper; also wild herbs such as dandelion.
  8. Antioxidants like vitamin C and vitamin E protect the heart
  9. Mediterranean food, that means several times a week fish and seafood, garlic, onions and leeks, cereal products such as (white) bread and pasta, milk and cheese, nuts and seeds, spices such as rosemary, thyme, basil or oregano and little meat, the traditional Mediterranean cuisine helps to prevent aterosclerosis, you always have to pay attention to the quantities and the total number of calories.
  10. Low-salt and sugar diet should not only be the exception, but a whole lifestyle.
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