Mrs Houria Bey

Speech Therapist

Mrs. Houria Bey, Speech Language Pathologist, treats all types of pathologies in communication, language and voice in child, adolescent and adult, in three languages; Arabic, English and French.

As a speech therapist with with over 32 years of experience in the field of Communication, Speech Language Pathology, Neuro-Cognition Disorders and Voice Pathologies in children, adolescents and adults, she is a highly dedicated speech therapist in Dubai.

About Mrs. Houria Bey

Mrs. Houria Bey, is Speech-Language – Voice Therapist at Valiant Clinic & Hospital. Graduated from the University of Algiers- Institute of Psychology, Sciences Education and Orthophonia (Speech-Therapy).

With a total of 32 years of experience. She worked at University Hospital of Ben Aknoun, in Algiers / Neurology Department for 8 years; Rashid Hospital (DHA)/ ENT Department for 14 years; and 10 years at Belhoul European Hospital. On 2022, she joined Valiant Clinic & Hospital.

Her field of experience is in Communication; Speech-Language Pathology; Neuro- Cognition Disorders, and Voice- Pathologies, in child, adolescent and adult.

Each case is considered an integration project in terms of all aspects of language and neuro- cognition development as a complete personality, whose elements cannot be separated from each other.

With this vision, scientific research is developing on parallel with “Perfect care of work and creativity in clinical approaches and distinctive treatment protocols".

Houria has various publications to her credit (books and therapeutic programs software). She has been awarded for creativity and innovation on 2007, Dubai Government Excellence Program, under the patronage of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister.


  • Functional articulation disorders

  • Anarthria/ Dysarthria

  • Simple delayed language

  • Simple delayed speech

  • Stuttering

  • Speech & language disorders in Cerebral Palsy

  • Speech & language disorder in hearing impairment and Cochlear implant

  • Speech disorder in Cleft Palate

  • Specific language disorder in Mental Disabilities (Syndromes)

  • Developmental Dysphasia

  • Neuro-characters language disorders (Epilepsy, Landeau Kleffner Syndrome, Parkinson, Sclerosis Multiplex)

  • Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dysorthographia, Dyscalculia & Dyspraxia

  • Executive Dysfunction

  • Aphasia, Agnosia & Apraxia

  • Alzheimer disease & Dementia

  • Autism & Sperger Syndrome

  • Dysphonia & Aphonia


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