Our wellness programs comprise of life coaching, weight management, balanced body and healthy mind programs, including behavior change programs, such as smoking cessation clinics.

Valiant Clinic features on-site genetic counselors, wellness coordinators and biometric screening facilities to determine individual risk for certain diseases and medical conditions.

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Wellness Programs

Healthy Heart

This program addresses the risk factors for heart disease and will inform and empower you to reduce your risk through diet, lifestyle and physical activity. Classes are facilitated by our team of healthcare professionals who will provide you with accurate and clear information, address any questions you have and deliver practical hints and tips to improve your heart health.

Diabetes Management

This course is designed for those who are at risk of or have type 2 diabetes. It provides a comprehensive explanation of what happens in the body with this condition, and the essential knowledge to manage health with type 2 diabetes. In the sessions we will address the day to day management of blood glucose levels, the influence of food and activity and the recommended lifestyle choices to optimize health with diabetes.

Smoking Cessation

This program will support those who wish to quit smoking in achieving their goal. The sessions incorporate activities focused on effective elements for success including physical habit, psychological addiction and dependency, counselling and support. This program can help you to start to a new life without cigarettes!

Pain Management

These classes will help those suffering from ongoing pain to identify factors that trigger and worsen episodes of pain and share information of techniques that may offer relief on a day to day basis. The additional effect of long term pain on mental health and wellbeing is also considered.

Weight Management

This course addresses the complex and challenging area of weight loss through a multifaceted approach including knowledge of energy balance and healthy food choices, identifying and amending unhelpful habits, physical activity and lifestyle components. It will provide a clear understanding of the science behind weight gain and help participants to take steps towards sustainable weight loss for life.

Stress Management

These classes will help participants to take back control of emotions and situations that cause stress. Techniques to uncover the root causes of stress and to learn how to manage both the cause of stress and how stress is dealt with, allow participants to reduce the burden of stress in their lives.

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