World Dyslexia Week

World Dyslexia Week – 4th October – 10th October

Dr. Monica Mendes
أخصائية في علم النفس العيادي
Dr. Emilia Sau lie
استشارية طب الأعصاب
Dr. Luisa M. Sastre
استشاري طب وجراحة العيون
Dyslexia is the most common learning disability. It is broadly characterized by a difficulty in processing language (reading and writing), though it can more specifically refer to difficulty in decoding words, recalling words, naming letters and numbers and more. Individuals diagnosed with dyslexia can still find academic success through specialized learning programs along with support and encouragement from teachers and family members. World Dyslexia Week is dedicated to encouraging understanding and awareness amongst students, teachers, parents and the educational system at large towards the many ways in which dyslexic individuals can thrive and excel throughout life.

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