أفضل علاج للميلزما وفرط التصبغ

أفضل علاج للميلزما وفرط التصبغ

Dr. Shadan Naji
أخصائية أمراض جلدية
Melasma is one of the most resistant skin problems. A disease that mainly affects females and it is very common in our region with patients that might suffer from this problem for years. In managment of such condotions starting a specific customized skin care routine is a mandatory. this plan usually include agents that reduce the melanin production and also enhance exfoliation. In addition to this specific skin care routine here below are two professional highly effective treatments that i recommend :
  1. Picosure laser/ Cutera Enlighten treatment, usually we need three sessions with a gap of 4 weeks each. This usually give a very high success rate with longlasting results. This laser specifically target the melanin in the skin and breaks it without heating the skin and causing unnecessary inflammation.
  2. Another new modality of treatment is a soecific type of microneedling using growth factors serum with tranxemic acid. This is usually used in the secondary phase after laser treatment and several sessions are required (4-6) every 2 weeks. The most imortant thing in treating melasma is to keep the patient on a skin care plan the include an agent that suppress production of melanin such as tranxemic acid or vitamin C continously in addition to adequate effective sun protection.

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